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We are a small kennel based out of Monroe, North Carolina. Our goal is to produce healthy, stable minded, solid structured family protectors and companions. That are strong, friendly, confident, obedient, have stable nerves and a passion to serve.


The puppies we produce are from European Working lines. They have DDR Czech structure with wide head, short muzzle, deep chested and have long straight backs.


Our adults are always alert and on guard, yet can still be taken into public places and can be handled by strangers without having any issues.


Our dogs are not kenneled. They have a 5 acre lot with access to a barn and large outdoor shelter. We also rotate the dogs from being in the pasture and running free around our home. These dogs have a over 10 acres to roam during the day and are cuddled up inside with us at night.



Our children play a huge part with raising our puppies. They help with teaching the puppies proper manners and how to play with small children.


This site is updated regularly so all available puppies are current.



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Just a small portion of where our dogs get to roam. I just love those smiling faces!


dog pasture


Daily exercise.

dog exercise


Puppies outdoor play area.

puppies outside


puppy run