We are a small kennel based out of Monroe, North Carolina. Our goal is to produce healthy, stable minded, solid structured family protectors and companions. That are strong, friendly, confident, obedient, have stable nerves and a passion to serve.
The work we do with our canines in minimal outside of obedience, tracking and confidence gaining activities.  Although having titled dogs is flashy and something to be proud of, we do not like detouring there minds away from there natural abilities as German Shepherd dogs.  The reason for this is because training a dog to react a certain way on command is not realistic if you are in a situation where a command cannot be given.  Highly trained protection dogs rely on there master/handler to tell them how to behave and when. 

All dogs like to be worked.  While working it not only creates a more knowledged and obedient canine but it builds a relationship between a handler and their canine.  With encouragement and positive reinforcement a canine will serve you as there master because they want to, not because they have too nor because they want a ball.  The extent of tracking that we do is hide n seek.  With canines, hide n seek is not the typical game of running all over the place in attempt to find where we are hiding.  Although at first it is, they soon pick up on scent trails in order to locate who’s hiding faster.  This simple game teaches them to use and trust there nose which is ultimately useful in pheromone detection.  We make it more difficult as they become better at playing the game. 

By no means am I saying that trained dogs will not protect.  Our opinion
has come from working with both protection trained and non protection trained canines.  All our dogs are tested in different situations to see how they will react.  We have found that when an unidentifiable person is rushing in towards us that trained dogs pace in circles looking up at us waiting for a command whereas the untrained shepherds stand between us and the person rushing in without ever taking there eye off the threat.  Also, in situations with untrained protection dogs and two attackers, when one runs off the dog stays within 10 feet of us and the trained dog will chase the person running while leaving us unprotected against the second threat. 

Our dogs are working dogs but they do not serve the purpose of sporting or breeding.  The reason we have them is out of pure love, devotion and fascination of the German Shepherd dog.  

 Our dogs are not kenneled. They have a 5 acre lot with access to a barn and large outdoor shelter. We also rotate the dogs from being in the pasture and running free around our home. These dogs have a over 10 acres to roam during the day and are cuddled up inside with us at night.

Our children play a huge part with raising our puppies. They help with teaching the puppies proper manners and how to play with small children.



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